MY Library, OUR Future

Tulsa City-County Library is pleased to announce that we are in the planning stages of considering expanding the Rudisill Regional Library, Brookside Library, South Broken Arrow Library, and the Owasso Library.

Tomorrow’s TCCL will continue to inspire, promote learning and create connections that strengthen our communities. With a cornerstone still built on reading and literacy, we are expanding our reach and improving our usability by revamping traditional services, removing barriers, and adding new, more convenient ways to use the library. Providing access to information, space and technologies offers every member of our community the opportunity to reach for and fulfill their dreams. With the variety, convenience and quality of resources and services TCCL offers, our customers are able to dream bigger than ever before. At TCCL, we can build and sustain a library system for the future that continues to be a transformational fixture in Tulsa County. My library is our future, and it is time to make this vision our reality.

Kimberly Johnson, CEO, Tulsa City-County Library